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Berkshire, Surrey & London


We are Vicki & George from Olive’s Walks – Thanks for visiting our website!

We’re professional dog trainers, offering a premium dog training & walking service between Berkshire, Surrey & London.

Having studied under a number of world class dog trainers & behaviourists, we have been inspired to take a different approach to dog walking – providing an exclusive offering that goes above & beyond your standard dog walking service.

Our aim is to enhance & complement your dog’s training & exercise routine by providing additional physical & mental stimulation in a structured & controlled environment to ensure they get the very best for their individual needs.

Please reach out to arrange a free ‘meet & greet’ consultation so we can get to know each other.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The OW Team x

  • Completed Canine Care, Behaviour & Welfare Level 3 Diploma (RQF)
  • Advanced Canine Training And Behaviour Course – WA Academy – In progress
  • PhoenixK9 Mentorship Programme 2022/23
  • ProHound Recommended Service Provider
  • TridentK9 South Recommended Walker
  • Balanced Dog Recommended Walker
  • LMK9 Recommended Walker
  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • DBS Checked

Dog Training & Walking Services

To register your interest, please complete our new client registration form which can be found by clicking the ‘Apply here’ buttons below!  A team member will then be in touch to arrange your free consultation.

Please note: We are a members only service. Customers are required to commit to two walks per week to retain a space within the pack.

For further support, call 07793 485644 or email us.

Group Dog Walks

Structured training dog walks providing appropriate exercise & mental enrichment. Packs are fairly small in size as greater emphasis is placed on training & safety over quantity.

(Minimum of 2x Walks per week required)

1 hr / £25
Solo Dog Walks

Structured 1-2-1 training dog walks reserved exclusively for reactive dogs and new clients during their 6 week onboarding period to prepare for life in the pack.

(There is currently a wait list for this service)

1 hr / £30
Shadow Programme

A day in the life of Olive’s Walks covering the basics of canine behaviour, handling skills & business management. Gaining knowledge through practical experience is the best form of professional development the next generation of quality dog walkers could ask for. 

1 Day / £350
1-2-1 Dog Training

Private dog training tailored to your needs, from basic obedience to addressing behavioural issues such as reactivity or anxiety. Sessions are 2hours long and booked in blocks of 3x with the option to top up if necessary.

Fully booked until 2024

 Group Dog Training

Group dog training to improve your dogs engagement. Working on behavioural skills such as recall, loose lead walking and neutrality around the distraction of other dogs, in different environments, with guidance from a professional. 


1 hr / £30
Adventure School

An exclusive service for our London based clients. Private adventure days for up to 6x dogs in the English countryside. Providing physical, mental & biological fulfilment whilst working on basic obedience.

(There is currently a wait list for this service)

1x day / £85

To book your free introductory consultation or to make an enquiry, call 07793 485644 or email us.

What are structured dog walks?

Olive’s Walks are not a simple case of letting dogs off lead for an hour of mischief before being taken home. Dogs thrive when being challenged, so whether your dog is walking solo or in a group we proactively practise core behaviours such as loose lead walking, recall, threshold control, sit, down & wait accompanied by consistent marker works.


Why is this important?

The purpose is to ensure sufficient mental stimulation whilst encouraging on-leash contentedness & off-leash control.


  • Loose lead walking: When we take on a new dog, we spend significant time teaching them what lead pressure means, so they learn to walk alongside us without pulling. This is vital for any dog to be walked in a group so they stay with the pack & don’t pull ahead.
  • Recall: This is a vital part of off lead safety & is practised on every walk. No off-leash privileges will be given until we have achieved 100% off lead control. 
  • Eye contact: We free shape & reward this behaviour to encourage your dog to focus on us. Engagement is key to our relationship and their safety.
  • Threshold control: It’s important for dogs to have manners & be polite in & out of thresholds. There will be plenty of time to run around but they must wait for our go ahead before leaving the house, the van crates, & park gates.
  • Duration stays: Whether we request a sit or a down, regular practice and proofing reinforces impulse control, helps around distractions and a nice habit to make when we take their leads on / off & require their full attention.
  • Marker words: Clear & consistent communication so your dog can understand what yes, no, good & free means.
  • Confidence building: Exposing each dog to the unknown & the ordinary through games, counter conditioning & desensitisation 

Dog Safety & Care

Each dog is an individual & relationship is key!

Our approach is to understand the individual needs of your dog through learning, play & exercise. Creating clear & concise communication methods alongside solid structure to build a trusting human / canine relationship.

We value knowledge & education and are proactive in our endeavours to advance our team’s skill set & training. We collaborate & partner with reputable canine experts & organisations to provide a skilled offering that goes above & beyond your standard pet care service.

  • Free Consultation & Registration

    To help us understand what makes your dog unique, every dog is assessed prior to joining Olive’s Walks. This is an opportunity for us to gain an understanding of your dog’s lifestyle & personality.

  • Fully Qualified

    Professional, insured, & experienced canine experts. First Aid Trained. DBS Checked. Fully Licensed.

  • Managed Capacity

    For us, its not about quantity, its about quality. Every dog is walked on a 1-2-1 basis for a trial period of approximately 6 weeks before they can be introduced to a pack. 

  • Home Collection & Drop Off

    We’ll collect & safely transport  your dog in our fully equipped vans before drying them & returning them to your home. Travel time is included in the price, but not in the walks, so your dog is guaranteed a full hour outside.

  • Safety First

    Every walk is recorded & GPS tracked via our Body-Cams. Walking locations are rotated on a daily basis. First Aid kit & hydration supplements on hand at all times. 

  • Smile! You’re on camera!

    Pictures & videos will be captured on every walk. These will be shared via Instagram & WhatsApp.

What we need from you
  • Completed Client Registration Form.
  • Rates and fees read, understood & accepted.
  • Terms & Conditions of Engagement read, understood, signed.
  • Key & Veterinary release form read, understood, signed.
What to expect from us
  • Accountability
  • Clear communication
  • Hassle-free booking
  • Credible expertise
  • Impeccable service